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World Skills UK Forensic Science Competition
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:02:52 am »
WorldSkills UK features national and international skills competitions for young people and adults, driving up levels of expertise in further education, skills and Apprenticeships.

These competitions reward real talent among the nations apprentices and further education students.

WorldSkills UK competitions are managed by NAS in partnership with industry leaders – across major employers and brand leaders i.e Loreal to colleges and sector skills councils.

There are over 55 skills competitions in 5 sectors: Built Environment | Engineering | Cultural & Creative Arts | IT & Business Administration | Social & Professional Services

The national competitions team manages these relationships and partly funds the majority of competitions – even though they are now mainly run by the organising partners.

All competitions fall within our Quality Assurance framework and must meet these requirements to qualify.

The Skills Show was the first of it’s kind -  holding the majority of WorldSkills UK national finals under one roof.

We are proud to be working with the team delivering these competitions in the design and delivery of a new World Skill Competition in Forensic Science.

For details about our program please look here and check back regularly for updates.

We have a requirement for one or two more judges to assist us in the program.
If you are a registered Forensic Scientist working in the UK please send us a message to meet.
We need impartial judges with six days free a year to ensure the competition is transparent, impartial and of a high standard. Please click here to email us.
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