Author Topic: Chemical Improvement of Shoeprints & Fingerprints Placed with Blood  (Read 1605 times)

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New Insight into the Chemical Improvement of Shoeprints and Fingerprints
Placed with Blood on Non-Porous Surfaces
Author/Researcher: Theo Velders (retired Technical CID Officer)
Brabant South-East Department, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Research Report 2011-2012


Shoe prints and finger prints placed in blood on non-porous substrates are usually treated with chemical means to achieve a better contrast of the blood traces on the barrier material. The subject of this research was to explore the possibilities to improve visualization of blood traces, after they were detected with Luminol, by exposing them to other chemicals, such as Leuco Crystal Violet (LCV), Acid Yellow 7 and/or Hungarian Red.  This research led to some very interesting results, which shows that LCV appears to be a less suitable chemical to improve this visibility on non-porous substrates.

Please see attached PDF for the full published journal.
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In this article, a warning for LCV !!!!