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Welcome To The Forensic Forum

Techniques, research, courses and jobs. just some of the things we have discussed in detail since January 2008. We have helped promote interagency cooperation, helped to promote positions in the forensic sector and hopefully helped point people to those positions. We are now recognised by the Forensic Science Regulator, UK and have members from over 40 countries. The website gets over 30,000 visits a month and very shortly will hit 1,000,000. All of this is down to the members and proves that regardless of individual agencies, forensic practitioners do like to talk.

As the forum grows, it needs to evolve and for that we need your help. Ideas for forum boards, discussions, polls, are all welcome. Please keep them coming. Currently we are offering members the opportunity to submit images for the home page scrolling banner. We would like to put your work out there and ask that you email any images you wish to be viewed to admin / Info. The address is inside the forum. Please supply your real name so you can be credited with the image. Please, no live jobs but images with a forensic feel are welcome.
The idea of the forum is to talk, please join the discussion!!!


The Forensic Forum

The Fingerprint Sourcebook aims to be the definitive resource on the science of fingerprint identification. The Sourcebook was prepared by the International Association for Identification and topics covered include the anatomy and physiology of friction ridge skin (the uniquely ridged skin found on the palms and soles); techniques for recording exemplars from both living and deceased subjects; the FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems (AFIS); latent print development, preservation and documentation; equipment and laboratory quality assurance; perceptual, cognitive and psychological factors in expert identifications; and legal issues. Read More.......


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